Nissan Recalls 7000 Vehicles

Nissan is set to recall around 7,000 vehicles in Australia to fix a possible ignition fault that may cause the vehicle to stall while you’re driving.

Vehicles affected by the Nissan recall are models in the Tiida, Navara and Pathfinder range. While the recall only affects a relatively small number of vehicles here in Australia, Nissan is looking at recalling well over 1.5 million vehicles worldwide.

In America the number of vehicles affected by the recall is said to be around 751,000 while in Japan the number of vehicles is somewhere north of 830,000. The cost to Nissan just for the repairs … a job that’s said to take just 15 minutes … will be huge.

Nissan Recalls 7000 Vehicles

One thought on “Nissan Recalls 7000 Vehicles

  1. I have an 2007 E-Trail and the motor stalled on me while negotiating a roundabout. I cant imagine what would have happened had I been cruising at 60-70kms.

    Obviously I will be getting towed to the service centre tomorrow – as it did the same thing coming out of my garage yesterday so I dont want to take any chances.

    I wonder if Nissan are going to foot the bill for this?

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