New Ford Territory

2011-ford-territoryFord have released an artist’s impression of the new Ford Territory along with a lot of words that say very little so let’s try and reduce all those words to just the bare facts.

There are over 90,000 Ford Territory owners and Ford wants to make sure that the new Ford Territory will be a vehicle that impresses every one of those people who currently own a Territory. To do that Ford has worked on both the exterior and the interior and Ford describes the interior changes as “… a major interior update …”

Ford has also promised a number of technology highlights in the new Ford Territory as well as the introduction of turbo-diesel power.

Ford says that the “…Ford Australia team is taking the Territory to an all-new level of performance, refinement and quality, and customers will definitely experience these advancements when they drive it.”

But we’re going to have to wait till next year to measure those fine words against the real machine.

New Ford Territory
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