Novelty Car Mice

pink-car-mouseIf you’re using a computer to read this then the chances are that you’re using a mouse. Of course you could be one of those hairy-chested individuals who can actually use a touchpad but for most mere mortals, if they want to navigate their way through the web, a mouse is the tool of choice.

Of course most computer mice aren’t terribly exciting … sure they’re functional and they just go on working forever but basically they’re boring. That tendency to be boring has led to quite an after-market in novelty mice and right at the top of the list of popular mice is the novelty car mouse.

Some look a bit clunky but lately there have been some very cool examples of novelty car mice hitting the shops but are they any good? Do they actually work and do they last or are they just expensive toys?

Well the fact is that car mice might be a novelty but most of them do actually work and most of them work very well. In fact at least one manufacturer of novelty mice is happy to tell you that they test their mice and they know that the car mice they make are good for at least 3 million clicks.

You might find that a little hard to believe but my partner … a web designer by occupation … used a car mouse for over three years and, while the paint wore off the buttons from constant use, the mouse itself went on working perfectly.

So novelty car mice can last the distance but there’s one other thing to consider when you’re buying any sort of mouse and that’s usability. Is the mouse easy to use and does it fit the hand of the user?

The fact is that some novelty car mice are small and with my big hands they’re hard to use. They’re really not comfortable and my hand aches after just a few minutes use … but if you have a small hand then small car mice are ideal.

The one my partner used till the paint was worn away was small and it fitted her hand perfectly.

red-car-mouseBut all is not lost if you have big hands and want to brighten up your computer desk with a little individuality because there are big car mice. If you have a small hand then ones like the one you see here are not ideal for you but if you have big hands then this mouse would certainly suit you.

So if you’re a car enthusiast and you want get away from those boring mice that everyone uses then you can find a range of novelty car mice by following the link to … they carry a range of novelty car mice to suit hands of all sizes.

Novelty Car Mice
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