Toyota Recalls Two Million Vehicles

toyota-logo… but not in Australia.

If you were a Toyota fan owner then the news that appeared on Thursday Toyota was about to recall two million would have been horrible. Two million vehicles … that’s a HUGE number … and it was spread across a range of models including Toyota’s premium Lexus brand.

761,000 RAV4 spread across five year models, 603,000 4Runners spread across seven year models, 17,000 Lexus LX570 vehicles not to mention 372,000 2006-2007 Lexus RX330, RX 350 and RX400h models as well as 397,000 Highlander and Highland Hybrid vehicles … all to have their carpets fixed so that there would be no chance of the carpet causing the accelerator pedal to jam open.

But the news wasn’t all bad … at least not for Toyota owners here in Australia. According to Toyota the sticking accelerator problem was caused by the carpet, the plastic pad and the all-weather floor mat that was designed specifically for left-hand drive vehicles.

Toyota Australia and Lexus Australia have inspected local vehicles and confirmed that the conditions do not affect right hand drive vehicles sold in Australia.

So if you’re here in Australia and wondering if your Toyota is safe to drive then the answer is definitely yes. None of those left-hand drive components that are causing the problem have made it to Australia.

Toyota Recalls Two Million Vehicles
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