Infiniti Etherea

infiniti-ethereaInfiniti is Nissan’s premium brand and with the release of their latest concept car … the Etherea … it’s plain that Infiniti wants to take compact luxury motoring to a new level and a new type of buyer.

Infiniti sees the Etherea as a car that will definitely appeal to younger buyers who want luxury and interior space but in a compact vehicle that’s going to fit their lifestyle. At just 4.4 metres in length the Infiniti Etherea definitely fits into the luxury compact class but it’s not simply a smaller version of a traditional luxury car.

Infiniti believes that the Etherea blends elements of a coupe, sedan and hatchback into one smooth flowing form. The Infiniti Etherea will gets its first public outing at the Geneva Motor Show on March 1.


Fortunately I don’t fit the buyer profile for this car because if I did I just might be tempted.


The Infiniti brand is not yet available in Australia but the plan is to launch next year. Decisions on models etc. are still to be made but a spokesman for Infiniti told AussieMotoring today that it will definitely be here in 2012 and we can expect more details soon.

Infiniti Etherea
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