Opel Coming to Australia

opel-logoIt’s only March 2011 and it’s already obvious that 2012 is going to be one heck of a year for anyone interested in cars.

We’ve got GM’s electric car … the Volt … set to be released by Holden. Nissan’s luxury brand … Infiniti … is set to launch here next year and we’ve also got Opel coming to town as well.

Opel is General Motors premium brand and it will be sold as a stand-alone brand in Australia for the very first time. We’ve already seen a number of Opel models sold out here as re-badged Holdens and I’m sure just about everyone has seen a late-model Holden Astra or Holden Zafiri on the roads but now we’re getting the real Opel brand.

While most people would think of Opel as a European brand the company hopes to change all that and they’re positioning themselves on the global market with moves into the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and South America.

The current Opel Astra
The current Opel Astra

While Nissan hasn’t announced which Infiniti models are going to make it to Australia Opel hasn’t been so coy and at the very minimum it appears that we’ll be seeing the Astra, the Insignia – and that’s Europe’s most popular mid-size sedan – plus the Corsa.

The Opel Insignia - Europe's best-selling mid-sized sedan
The Opel Insignia – Europe\’s best-selling mid-sized sedan

Opel hasn’t ruled out bringing other models and we can expect further announcements in the future.

The latest Opel Corsa - since the last model it's undergone a major makeover
The latest Opel Corsa – since the last model it\’s undergone a major makeover
Opel Coming to Australia
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