Petrol Soars in Queensland

The price of petrol in Queensland seems to have been fairly stable for the last few weeks but that all came to an end yesterday.

At 10am the price of a litre of ULP at BP Caboolture – the main stop for people travelling north or south on the Bruce Highway – was 136.9 c/l when we went through heading south.

Four hours later when we were heading north the price of a litre of ULP had gone up to 149.9 c/l. In four hours the price of petrol rose 13 cents a litre.

The industry says that the price rise is due to the conflict in Libya. Regardless of what caused the price rise it’s a scary peek into what’s to come in the years ahead. We may look back on 149.9 c/l and think that price point was rather cheap.

Petrol Soars in Queensland
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