Suzuki Swift GA Automatic

Suzuki says that their new Swift GA automatic is “entry level motoring” because they claim that nothing in the light car class comes close to matching the Swift for value for money. But with a recommended retail price of $17,690 you have to wonder what they’re smoking.

Sure … there’s no doubt that the Swift GA automatic comes with some great safety features that others in the light car class don’t have … things like seven airbags as standard.

And when it comes to creature comforts the GA automatic has the usual range of features … but they really are the usual range that you can get as standard equipment in most cars in this class that come cheaper than the Swift GA.

So while the Suzuki Swift GA automatic may be a great car perhaps Suzuki’s idea of what constitutes “entry level motoring” is a bit different to what most people might think in a class where the price point is the very first thing that potential buyers look at.

Suzuki Swift GA Automatic
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