VW Amarok Auto and Single Cab Ute

vw amarok single cab uteWell if the numbers you see on the streets are anything to go by then the launch a while back of the VW Amarok has been a success and now VW are building on that success with a new automatic version and a single cab version for tradies.

The new auto
The move by VW to introduce a new automatic transmission to the Amarok dual-cab range with the new TDI420 diesel engine puts VW in the position of having the first ute in Australia with an 8-speed box. It also gives buyers a vehicle that is more agile and more fuel efficient.

The new automatic transmission is set up so that first gear is used for off-road use and towing while eighth gear functions as an overdrive and VW claim that these settings give the auto-equipped Amarok with permanent 4-wheel drive the same capability across all terrains as the manual version.

The new auto transmission also lowers fuel consumption to 8.3L/100km.

amarok single cab ute

VW Amarok single cab ute
The VW Amarok single cab ute rides on the same chassis as the dual cab and gives buyers a cargo area that’s around 2,205mm in length … more than enough space for two pallets loaded sideways.

The single cab Amarok is available in rear-wheel drive (with optional diff-lock) or four-wheel drive with a choice of TSI300 petrol or TDI340 or TDI400 2.0-litre engines. A six-speed manual transmission is standard across the single cab range.

Fuel consumption figures start at 7.3L/100km for the smaller diesel powered rear-wheel drive version

Carrying capacity ranges from 1,174kg to 1,349kg depending on the model and all versions have a rated towing capacity of 3 tonnes with 300kg of weight on the towball.

vw amarok single cab ute

The VW Amarok single cab ute comes with a full suite of safety programmes including ABS and ESP, Brake Assist and a safety programme when going off road as standard as well as front, side and thorax airbags for driver and passenger.

The Amarok is also fitted with Hill Descent Assist and this holds the driving speed constant on steep descents by means of targeted brake actuations.

It seems that with the Amarok single cab ute VW have taken the humble tradies’ ute to a whole new level.

VW Amarok Auto and Single Cab Ute
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