Toyota Camatte57s Concept

Toyota Camatte57s concept car

Toyota Camatte57s concept carWell here’s a concept car with a difference. While many concept cars tend to end up looking like kiddie’s cars the Toyota Camatte57s Concept was designed to be exactly that.

This concept was built with the idea of providing an opportunity for parents and children to experience the fun of driving and car customisation together.

The body is made up of 57 lightweight panels that are all detachable to allow for quick colour and design customisation and a roadster design was chosen to give better all-round visibility and to let kids of all ages to enjoy the feeling the wind in their hair.

Seating is in the form of a triangle and Toyota have used that arrangement to allow children to be supervised more closely as they drive the vehicle.

Yes, Toyota has designed this concept to be operated by children as well as adults and both the accelerator and the brake pedal can be adjusted so that children can reach them. Any adult sitting in the rear-right seat will also have access to the brake and to the steering wheel.


Power for the Toyota Camatte57s Concept is supplied by an electric motor.


Don’t expect to see this car on Australian roads any time soon but do expect to see more examples of cars that their owners can customise. Toyota already has the Rukus in the showrooms and that’s been designed for customisation.


Toyota Camatte57s Concept

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