The Toyota 86 Gets Tough

Toyota 86 sports carAny model by any manufacturer can handle normal town and country driving … at least it should be able to. And you can always tart them up and slap on some fancy graphics and call them a race car.

But if you really want to prove how tough a car really is you take them rallying. Getting airborne over a few speed humps on a street circuit is nothing compared to taking flight on a rally course and that’s where the Toyota 86 sports car is headed.

Unfortunately we’re not going to see a Toyota works team in action in the World Rally Championship but Toyota Motorsport in Germany is taking the Toyota 86 sports car and turning it into a full-blown rally car for any private customer who wants one.

The car will be known as the TMG GT86 CS-R3 and under R3 regulations it must have a six-speed sequential gearbox, limited slip dif, modified engine, adapted brakes and other modifications.

The first rally version of the Toyota 86 will be available for the 2015 rally season and, with rear-wheel drive, it’s going to be an exciting car to watch.

The Toyota 86 Gets Tough

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