Changing the Colour of Your Car

Perhaps, like me, you’re not happy with the colour of your car. After all silver was such an elite colour when we bought our limo but now … sadly… it has become as common as dirt. At the moment there is little you or I can do to change the colour of our cars apart from adding a little grime or going the all the way and paying for a respray but there is hope on the horizon.

Scientists in Germany are developing a paint that will change colour depending on the temperature. Imagine the fun of buying a white car that turned blue in cold weather and red in hot weather.

Of course having a car that changed colours could become rather confusing – is that car in front of me really my white car turned red by the heat of the day or is it someone else’s car that has always been red.

At a time in life when things should be settling down and be easy to cope with more and more challenges are being added.

But then perhaps I’ll just do what I’ve always done and drive the dirtiest car in town – there’s no mistaking which one is mine then.

Changing the Colour of Your Car
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