General Motors Holden Going Against the Trend?

Sometimes the reasoning of the people at the top of some of the world’s motor companies is a little hard to follow and the Chairman of General Motors Holden is definitely one of those whose reasoning seems to be a little strange.

One the one had he sais that during 2005 the world car market has been fragmenting and small manufacturers were challenging the big manufacturers with new models in new categories. And in almost the next breath he says that car manufacturers will have to produce fewer vehicles but with more model variety.

At the same time as he is saying that over in the US the major car manufacturers are facing a sales slump. Experts suggest that one of the factors in that sales slump is the huge range of models that the major manufacturers have been offering.

If too many models is bad for the industry in the United States why is it the solution for the industry in Australia?

It sure beats me.

General Motors Holden Going Against the Trend?
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