Looking for a Motoring Holiday With a Difference?

If you are and – and you happen to have a spare 15,000 Euros ($A24,993.98 as I write this) then perhaps you might like to consider a “Customized Driving Adventure” through Italy behind the wheel of a Ferrari.

The tours are offered by Select Italy and here is a snippet from their latest press release:

Select Italy president and owner, Andrea Sertoli says, “These trips in Ferraris are a great way for clients to reward themselves, their families and their employees with a unique and breathtaking experience, whether as a romantic getaway, a family-bonding trip, a bachelor party or an executive retreat. The Ferrari is an emblem of the best of Italian design and philosophy. We’re so happy to have the chance to let travelers to Italy taste even more of the splendor that this country has to offer.”

Driving in a fleet of the most up-to-date Ferraris you can zip through the Tuscan hills along the famed auto-race route, the Mille Miglia, or jaunt up to Maranello to visit the Ferrari museum and complex. Accommodations are in Italy’s finest five-star resort properties. Tours can last anywhere from two days to six weeks. The sky is truly the limit on these luxury tours.

If money is no object then jump onto their website to send them your contact details so that they can tailor a tour to suit you and the overall cost? Well the 15,000 Euros is just the deposit on the car and the cost of the tour is only available if you contact them.

Six weeks in a Ferrari? Would I ever want to come home? Hmmmm

Looking for a Motoring Holiday With a Difference?
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