Fuel For Free?

Every time you check the price board as you pass a service station the bad news is plain to see. The cost of fuel is rising and this time there seems little chance of it dropping back to more reasonable levels.

At least one OPEC oil minister has admitted that demand is now outstripping supply and so the simple laws of supply and demand mean that prices will continue to rise. Some analysts here in Australia suggest that prices around $1.30 a litre for basic unleaded will be here by early next year.

Of course, if you’red running on a premium unleaded or diesel that price is already here.

For those who use diesel there is some hope though and it could even mean free fuel from a very unlikely source – your local Chinese restaurant.

Check out a very interesting development in fuel options for diesel vehicles in Russ Egan’s article Grease Cars – Filling Up at Your Local Chinese Restaurant

Fuel For Free?
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