Rallying – Pommie Style

Now if you have visions of rallying as you might expect to find in a World Rally Championship round then ditch them at once because this is nothing like that.

The foundation of this type of rallying is the rule that covers the car itself.

The vehicle must cost no more than £100. Not £135, not £200. £100. If you did not purchase the car you must provide a signed witness statement from someone stating that they feel £100 is on the expensive side as a valuation for your car. It must also state that they wouldn’t buy it for £101.

The £100 Rule is the foundation of the event and the first and biggest challenge is to find such a vehicle and get through the Rally with it. If you don’t appreciate the concept, then maybe you’re better off taking a guided bus tour across Europe. But you wouldn’t have nearly as much fun.

It’s called Banger Rallying and only the Poms could think of it. They even have an official website and you can find that by following the link.

CzechWrecks, from the organisers of Banger Rallying’s leading events Staples2Naples and Home2Rome, is the next adventure in the hugely popular banger rally calendar. The event takes a new route through Switzerland and northern Italy and includes scaling the infamous Stelvio Pass, crossing into Austria and then the Czech Republic for the final descent upon Prague.

Teams must enter cars that cost less than £100 and still be road legal. As teams will cross the highest pass in Europe they will also need to prepare their brakes and clutches before the event to make sure that they don’t get stranded on an Alpine Pass.

As with all Street Safari events, there is more to it than merely driving the car to the finish. As if this weren’t challenge enough, teams are encouraged, though not required, to compete in quirky activities over the four day event.

Points mean prizes and there is a £1000 cash prize for the team that makes it to Prague with the most points. There are also additional distinctions for the “Biggest Pile of Rubbish” as well as for the team who “Hitchhike the Farthest” in recognition of the team who break down terminally the earliest in the event and still make it to the end.

Justin Clements, lead organiser said “We love doing these events and when the opportunity came up to put a third event on this year we decided to go for it. We are being asked all the time by people to join Staples2Naples and Home2Rome despite them selling out months ago. So there has been a huge pressure on us to do a third European event this year, as well as the first of its kind in the United States, which is scheduled for May.

“As our two other leading European events go to Italy, we decided that this event should go somewhere else, and Prague sounded like fun. We have many ideas for new events for 2007 and are constantly amused by the amount of imitators out there since we began this concept three years ago.

“Obviously, there’s something about dragging a decrepit vehicle off the beaten path that strikes a chord with people. Staples2Naples sold out in just over four minutes this year and has a waiting list two years long.”

CzechWrecks takes in Annecy, a beautiful town in the foothills of the French Alps before crossing Simplon Pass in Switzerland, renowned as one of the more beautiful passes in the Alps.

“The event even takes in Stelvio Pass which has to be one of the best passes ever and is a real treat,” Clements said. “One of the things about our events that we pride is that we search out and include some of the best driving roads in Europe and some of the most scenic parts that Europe can offer. It’s just an incredible experience all the way around.”

CzechWrecks takes to the road September 1, 2006. Registration is now open. For more information, visit http://www.czechwrecks.com

Somehow it seems like more fun than having a goanna run up your leg.

Rallying – Pommie Style
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