The Clever Car

Meet the shape of private urban transport in the years ahead.

The Clever Car

It’s called Clever and that’s an acronym for Compact Low Emission Vehicle for Urban Transport and the objective of the Clever Project is to develop a small vehicle for clean urban transport that requireds minimal space in traffic and parking, consumes minimal energy and produces low exhaust and noise emissions.

The technical targets for this vehicle are:

Room for two seats and luggage with full lining for the occupant area as well as protection against rain and provision of heating and airconditioning.

A high level of pedestrian and occupant protection.

Stable driveability at high speeds along with car like handling at low speed.

The Clever Car

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  1. hello My name is Michael and I live in Australia, can I like to know how much is this 3 wheeler car, and can I buy it at sydney

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