Honda Lifts the Face on Accord & Odyssey

Honda have released slightly altered Accord sedans and Odyssey vans into the wild.

Rear styling changes have been made and include LED tail lamps. Other changes to the sedan include a drive-by-wire throttle, new allowy wheels and alterations to the interior trip

Honda Accord

The V6 Accords now include Vehicle Stability assist and satellite navigation has been added to the V6 Luxury.

Accord V6 Luxury interior
The interior of the Honda Accord V6 Luxury

Changes to the Odyssey include revised grille, bumpers and rear lights. Side indicators have also been added to the side mirrors. Black leather trim has been added to some of the range on the Honda Odyssey Luxury model and an intergraded in-dash 6 stack CD has also been added to the Odyssey Luxury.

Honda Odyssey

Honda Lifts the Face on Accord & Odyssey

4 thoughts on “Honda Lifts the Face on Accord & Odyssey

  1. That Odyssey is not the US model. It has conventional doors not sliders as all US Odyssey’s have

  2. Hi Tom, you’re so right – that’s not the US model because this is not a US site. The site is Aussie Motoring and that’s why it’s a photo of the Australian Odyssey

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