Australia’s Cheapest Car

In 1968 the Honda N360 arrived in Australia and the marketing message was that this was Australia’s cheapest car. It cost just $1397 and to go with the cheeky price tag it had a cheeky name … the Scamp. The Honda Scamp was powered by an air-cooled, four-stroke 354cc, alloy overhead camshaft two-cylinder engine that […]

Honda FCX Clarity – Leaving Nothing but Water Vapour

Just over 20 years ago Honda started thinking of producing a car that produced nothing but water vapour and now that car is about to be released to the public in the United States. The FCX Clarity is powered by an electric motor that draws its power from a fuel cell that converts hydrogen and […]

The 2008 Honda Accord

The United States version of the latest Honda Accord has been released and it’s certainly something that’s going to attract a lot of attention. Even someone who happened to be looking over my shoulder as I prepared the images wanted to know more about this classy looking 2008 Honda Accord.

A Honda Civic Like No Other

AAAAGGGGHHHHH MY EYES! It’s said to have cost $US150,000 and it’s not something you want to look at if you’re nursing a hangover – in fact it’s not something you would want to look at for too long at all. It was described as the “Best Overall Car Job Ever” on the Daily Buzzer website […]

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