The New Commodore is Almost Here

Holden’s new VE Commodore has been launched – although you won’t find one in a showroom just yet. This model is said to be the first all new Commodore since 1997 and despite years of work and a lot of testing Holden have not yet been able to produce fuel consumption figures.

VE Commodore

Despite some criticism from the press there is no doubt that the lines of the new VE Commodore look interesting. The angle at which it sits on the road is also interesting for a family sedan.

Holden’s marketing strategy is also interesting. In what is supposed to be car for all Australia you can only get a full-size spare tyre if you pay extra for it. Otherwise your stuck with space-saving spare that has a speed limit of 80km/h.

I wouldn’t want to be stuck out on the Nullabor with a flat tyre and have to then drive to the nearest repair place at 80km/h, would you?

If you want to see more of the new VE Commodore you will find a site dedicated to it here but don’t expect it to load quickly before the release date.

The New Commodore is Almost Here

4 thoughts on “The New Commodore is Almost Here

  1. G’day Matty

    The VE certainly does look like an interesting vehicle and I’m looking forward to the release day too.

    Thanks for pointing out that the Commodore is arousing some interest in the US too. I’m sure a lot of Australians wouldn’t realise that Holden have been exporting cars to the US – it’s a shame that they can’t leave a good design alone but have to fiddle with it for the US market.

  2. I have commented around the place but this is how it stands for me. It is VERY different, as it has incorporated many body aspects from many other cars (Prev. Holdens, Falcon, Audi). What really strikes me is the “American-ness” to it. The big square body that all American cars seem to have. I suppose that is what GM influence is. And the reason the Americans love it is because it looks American – give them what they like and they would have to agree.


  3. I wonder if “big square body” is going to be seen as “big costly fuel guzzler” by the Australian motoring public?

    I think that the fact that Holden has been reluctant to release the fuel consumption figures yet does not make things look good for the new model.

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