Lock Up Your Catalytic Converters

People are stealing them right off your cars

catalytic converter

Catalytic converters are part of your exhaust system, they help reduce the amount of toxic emissions your car puts into the air and here in Australia they are required by law.

In America they seem to have become hot property and people right across the country are finding that catalytic converters are being targeted by thieves. These guys don’t bother stealing the car, they just rip the converter out right there in the street or parking lot.

What makes them so attractive to thieves is not clear. They do contain small amounts of precious metal but hardly enough to make stealing them worthwhile.

To replace a catalytic converter can cost anywhere between $400 and $1500 forr the part but a stolen converter is only bringing around $100 on the street.

Despite the relatively low price the thefts go on and one city in Maryland has recorded 47 thefts in two weeks – all from trucks, vans or SUVs.

Lock Up Your Catalytic Converters

3 thoughts on “Lock Up Your Catalytic Converters

  1. We are a major catalytic converter buyer located in northern California. After reading and hearing about so many converter thief’s around the country, we are implementing a “show us your valid drivers license” policy. We record the number with a signed receipt. We are even considering taking a photo of seller alongside of converters.catalytic converter thefts

  2. Thanks for your comments Kirk – I just find it amazing that people will go to so much trouble to steal something like that.

    I guess though that it’s getting harder to get into cars and steal what’s inside them so thieves are going to start stealing whatever is on the outside of them.

  3. this sort of thing was inevitable once the precious metal prices skyrocketed over the past few years. simply loosen four bolts, and you have an liquid asset worth between $80 and $110 AUD. not bad for two minutes of labour

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