Australian Summer Cars

Convertibles are making a comeback in Australia

Despite the fact that we’re supposed to be taking more care of our skin and our summers are becoming hotter the Australian motoring public is showing a heck of a lot more interest in convertibles and this summer there are some hot ones hitting the streets.

Over the coming days Aussie Motoring will be showing you some of the best but right now let’s start off with a blast from the past.

2000 Holden Barina Cabriolet

This is a 2000 Holden Barina Cabriolet 5 speed 1.4 litre fuel injected. Average kilometres are anything between 90,000 and 110,000 and and according to it’s worth somewhere between $9,700 and $12,400.

2000 Barina Cabriolet

For fun in the sun at a very cheap price this has got to be a great start.

Australian Summer Cars

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