How Important is a Car Stereo?

At the moment Mitsubishi is running a major ad campaign here in Queensland for one of their SUVs and one of the features that they really put a lot of emphasis on is the brand of sound system that’s fitted to the vehicle.

Perhaps I’m a Luddite but I’ve whenever I’ve been buying a new vehicle the sound system is definitely not one of the items I even vaguely consider. But what about you? Is the brand of sound system fitted to the car an important consideration when you deciding which vehicle you’re going to buy?

Here is a chance for you to have your say. You will find a simple poll over on the right hand side of the front page. If this post has slipped off the front page then you will find it here

The poll will run till the end of January and I’ll publish the results the first week in February.

How Important is a Car Stereo?
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