Wheels Car of the Year

All I can say is Hmmm.

The Wheels Car of the Year has just been announced and it happens to be the VE Commodore – the modern vehicle that has a fuel consumption slightly worse than my seven year old Hyundai and a spare wheel that is not really designed for Australian conditions.

If I was the other two finalists I’d be feeling rather pissed off about now.

Does Wheels honestly expect us to believe that Holden is better than BMW? Or that a poor fuel consumption figure in this day of high fuel prices is something that should somehow be overlooked, forgotten or considered to be of little consequence?

As I said, it just makes me go Hmmmm.

Wheels Car of the Year

4 thoughts on “Wheels Car of the Year

  1. Hah! I am really glad we both cought this one mate,
    cause its rubbish. Absolute rubbish,
    There is no chance that this contest was fair and that the judges weren’t exactly working on the agenda of
    “Hmm how can we get the VE commodore to be car of the year”
    as oppose to
    “Lets find the car of the year”

  2. Yes Alborz – even the missus (who isn’t all that interested in cars) raised her eyebrows when she saw the announcement on the TV.

    Look at all the advanced safety features of the BMW and the fuel consumption of the Aurion – that’s just two important areas where the others beat the Commodore.

    And if being ‘Australian’ was the deciding factor then what about the Aurion – it’s just as ‘Australian’ as the Commodore.

  3. Despite the negativity towards the VE becoming the Car of the Year, the VE is one top car. It may not have the safety features of the BMW, but it also does not have the price tag.

    The Aurion may be great on fuel economy, but I bet that outside fleet sales, the VE will outsell both the BMW and the Aurion.

    In the end people will buy the product that they like for the features that suit them, despite what Wheels say.

  4. You’re right Bill – they will buy the vehicle that suits them.

    I guess that the surprise overwhelmed my natural cynicism. Even after reading the full report of the test I’m mystified as to how they could logically have arrived at the conclusion they did.

    And in January the VE did outsell the Aurion – but it didn’t outsell the Corolla – and I think that’s where Holden will ultimately come unstuck.

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