Would Holden be Brave Enough?

Would Holden ever give fans a voice?

Earlier this week Holden’s American cousin – Pontiac – opened “Pontiac Underground” (was “PontiacUnderground.com” but is no longer a valid URL), a new website designed to:

“designed to tap into the “street-level” energy of fans from all its active and retired brands by uniting and introducing the hundreds of offline and online groups already in existence”

With the slogan of “Where Passion for Pontiac Is Driven By You” Pontiac is taking the brave step of opening up a site where ordinary Pontiac owners can talk about their good … and bad … experiences of the brand.

Pontiac Solstice
2007 Pontiac Solstice

This is something that some companies in other industries have tried with varying degrees of success. Not only do sites like this attract some positive comments but they also give disaffected owners a chance to complain loudly about their problems.

Whether it works for Pontiac or not is something that’s worth watching but it does make you wonder if Holden, or even Ford, here in Australia would be prepared to open a site like this and give their buyers a voice.


Would Holden be Brave Enough?
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