Toyota Soarer

It’s fast becoming a collector’s item in Australia

by Stuart Livesey

The Toyota Soarer was a luxury coupe built by Toyota in Japan from 1981 to 2005. In 1990 Toyota moved the Soarer from it’s regular vehicle line-up to the Lexus brand. The Soarer certainly fitted into the Lexus brand because it’s comfort and equipment levels were right at the cutting edge for it’s time.

1996 Toyota Soarer

The Soarer was never marketed directly here in Australia by Toyota however quite a few did find their way into the country over the years. Many owners imported their Soarers directly from Japan and the 1996 Soarer SC300 that you see here is one that arrived here in that way.

These days the Toyota Soarer is becoming popular with collectors and younger enthusiasts and the high demand, coupled with the low numbers in Australia, is keeping prices up.

Toyota Soarer interior

One unusual fact about the Toyota Soarer is that there seems to be a regional popularity about them. Here in this town there are three or four Toyota Soarers that I see regularly yet while I was living in Tasmania and on the road every day I never saw one. Google currently suggests that more people in Adelaide are searching for ‘Toyota Soarer’ than in any other part of Australia.

This particular Toyota Soarer is currently for sale and you can see all the details of the vehicle – along with more photos by following the link.

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Toyota Soarer

2 thoughts on “Toyota Soarer

  1. They are nice cars,
    but they are just a little too heavy,
    the Twin Turbo V6 versions are the way togo as the V8s are a little underpowered.

    still, the interior of these cars puts many brand new cars to shamje.

  2. You’re right about the interiors Alborz – when I could hardly believe the list of standard features on this 1996 model when I was writing the ad for this guy.

    And even though it sounds like hype I have to say that this car is in immaculate condition. The guy who owns it is an absolute freak when it comes to maintaining his vehicles in pristine condition.

    Elsewhere on Aussie Motoring you will find a page that details the motor home he built into a stripped out Toyota Coaster. When you look at the interior of that it’s hard to believe it wasn’t custom built by a commercial shop – but it wasn’t. He did it all himself.

    Even the old ute he drives round in these days is in immaculate condition. I’ve never seen a tradesman’s ute in such great nick. I haven’t been up close enough to check but I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t have one single rattle in his aluminium tray.

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