The Japanese Manufacturers Turn Up Everywhere

by Stuart Livesey

Unless something major happens between now and later in the year 2007 will see Chrysler make a big splash in the Australian motoring market place.

Last year we say Chrysler launch the Dodge Caliber – a rather unattractive vehicle that seems to be neither one thing nor the other.

Dodge Caliber

And this year we’re scheduled to see the introduction of the Sebring – a convertible that is probably going to be priced a little beyond the reach of the average Australian motorist.

Dodge Sebring

Apart from the fact that Chrysler makes both of these vehicle they share another common feature and that involves a Japanese car maker. You see, when Chrysler went into design mode with these two vehicles they decided not to start from scratch. Instead they started with a platform designed by Mitsubishi so the basis of both these vehicles is Japanese.

Proudly American … but made in Japan. I wonder if they mention that in their publicity.

The Japanese Manufacturers Turn Up Everywhere

3 thoughts on “The Japanese Manufacturers Turn Up Everywhere

  1. Yes the Caliber is based on a Mitsu platform, but the Sebring is a totally, Chrysler-developed platform (Mitsu was to use the platform as well, but decided not to, and it was engineered by Chrysler). Neither vehicle is built in Japan. The Caliber is selling well in the US because it is fuel efficient without losing the practicality of an SUV. Those attributes should resonate with consumers anywhere. The Sebring convertible will represent alot of value for the money: many safety features, and an available retractable hartop. Granted, these cars will not find the status that Valiant once held in Australia, both of these vehicles will find their niche.

  2. G’day Jeremy, Thanks for your comments. It will be interesting to see if those two new vehicles really do make an impact on the local market.

    In January (the February sales figures won’t be out till later today) sales of vehicles in Australia rose by 9.9% but Chrysler’s sales in Australia fell by 0.4%. Such a small drop could be attributed to delays in shipping but Chrysler doesn’t have a big market share out here and any drop is worth watching.

    Dodge had no sales here in Australia in 2006 so a comparison with sales in January 2007 is meaningless.

    Last month Chrysler sold 282 vehicles and Dodge sold 70 vehicles. It’s hard to find any of their direct competitors in our marketplace that sold so few vehicles.

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