Mitsubishi Please Explain?

by Stuart Livesey

It’s strange what thoughts can come to you in the dead of the night when all you want to do is sleep.

Yesterday I pointed out in The Japanese Manufacturers Turn Up Everywhere that two of the new vehicles Chrysler wants to introduce into Australia this year are built using a Mitsubishi platform.

Last night it dawned on me that our Hyundai Grandeur comes with a 3 litre V6 motor that’s built by Mitsubishi.

Now if so many other car makers around the world are using major components designed by you Mitsubishi why are you going broke?

Mitsubishi Please Explain?

5 thoughts on “Mitsubishi Please Explain?

  1. Mitsubishi Australia is going broke,
    mainly because the 380 and the magna before it were utter failures due to poor design (looks – great car, but looked like crap)

    sale figures are less that 50% of what Mitsubishi had predicted for the 380,
    also, as the 380 is locally built, costs are enormous and the company’s operations in Australia are bankrolled by the Federal Government (similar deals with Ford / Holden).

    It appears that Mitsubishi is only staying in Australia (As a manufacturer) to save face more than anything.

  2. G’day Alborz – yep Mitsubishi in Australia just keeps on sliding down the slippery slope but it seems that Mitsubishi isn’t doing real well in other parts of the world either and things may get much worse soon.

  3. Hmm I don’t think so Stuart,

    I think with the new range of Mitsubishi products coming out (they all look brilliant) including the colt and next years Evo X and GSR Lancer, things will pick up for mitsubishi,

    Mitsubishi is where Nissan was back in the early 90s, ready to go out of business, it just needs a strong leader to pull it out and I am sure it will make it through – however regarding its Australian manufacturing future i am a little more pessimistic

  4. I certainly hope you’re right Alborz. I like the Colt and the Lancer too but I had heard that Mitsubishi was struggling to survive.

    Like you, I don’t see much hope for the plant in Adelaide. They’re locked into a car that few people want.

  5. Mitsubishi sales have been increasing every where including Australia, the 380 sales have been steady around 1000 units per month. Mitsubishi Australia makes most of the money from seeling imported models like Lancer, Outlander, Triton, Pajero & Colt. Globally Mitsubishi is making profits due to the new model line up, unlike Ford & GM. Local manufacturing will continue at least till 2010 until car tariffs reduces to 5%, due to the huge investment made by Mitsubishi to build the 380 as well as no alternative manufacturing location for the large car 380. After 2010 it will be a different story with a possible update for the 380/Galant and with lower tariffs.

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