Buying a New Car?

Then here are so handy finance tips

Bronwyn was devoted to her old clunker. Her dad had bought it for $5,000 and given it to her so she could get to and from university. She loved that old wreck for the freedom it had given her but it was old when he bought it and now it was behaving like most 20 year old cars behave. Travelling over a 100kms a day on country roads, sentiment had to give way to reality.

Sadly she knew it was time to step up into something better and so last month she went off to the local Toyota dealer and became one of the many thousands of people who bought a new car in April. For her the purchase and finance was easy, a university graduate with a good income and no major debts, there were no impediments to her gaining instant credit. But not everyone is in the position that Bronwyn was in financially. Sometimes we need a new car but we also have a other debts to consider.

If that’s the situation that you find yourself in then look for some professional advice from a financial advisor before you jump in beyond your depth.

Buying a New Car?
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