Say Farewell to the Ford Fairlane

5 thoughts on “Say Farewell to the Ford Fairlane

  1. why buy a fairlane now when they bring out force etc????

    oh, and the gt’s… hehehe…

    hows tricks?


  2. G’day Mick

    I’ve been sitting here feeling guilty all week for not having put those photos up yet … and now you just went and made me feel worse 🙂

    I’ll have them up this weekend for sure and I send you an SMS in the middle of the night to let you know 🙂

  3. mate no rush.
    was good to meet you.

    hope its not too sunny there, and if you see my car driving around, let me know… it means dad found the keys again.


  4. Its news so its got to be good, any change is good. Hopefully they can give a sharper design edge, well equipped with the parts like more interesting new vehicle…and more power.

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