Aussie Muscle – 1970 Falcon GT

The sweet sound of raw power
by Stuart Livesey

Like most car enthusiasts I can appreciate anything with a Ferrari badge on it. BMWs are interesting, Ford Focus XR5s are pretty cool too (and if my daughter ever buys one she better let her old man have a drive or she’s out of the will for ever) but what really gets my blood pressure up is the sound of raw power that comes from an old Falcon GT.

One turned up in my driveway some weeks back when Mick McCalman was home from Hong Kong. This is Mick’s pride and joy and he kindly interrupted his busy schedule to bring it around so I could photograph it.

Sadly I don’t think my photos do it justice (the lighting was getting worse by the minute as the sun started to go down). This Ford Falcon XW GT is one very serious piece of Aussie muscle and it’s kept in immaculate condition.

1970 Ford Falcon GT

1970 Ford Falcon GT

This Falcon GT is painted in Reef green with saddle interior and runs on original 5 slot rims.

1970 Falcon GT dash

The motor is a 351 cubic inch (5.8 litre) Cleveland V8 matched to a 4 speed toploader.

1970 Ford Falcon GT motor

This Ford Falcon GT is definitely something very special.

Aussie Muscle – 1970 Falcon GT

7 thoughts on “Aussie Muscle – 1970 Falcon GT

  1. G’day Mick

    Thanks for those extra photos, they look good.

    I understand about the grey/green thing. My first car was a 1966 Mini that I bought off an open lot in Sydney during a prolonged period of rain. I was sure the colour was gunmetal grey. A couple of days later when the sun came out I found that it was actually an unusual shade of green.

  2. Hi Tony

    I can’t remember how many different colours the 1970 Falcon GT was available in … it wasn’t many … but that green was definitely the one that really suited the car.

  3. Mick that list of colours is interesting – I didn’t realise that there were so many.

    About all I could remember at 5am this morning was your green and the Grecian Gold.

    Tony – nice car – sorry I got you confused with my wife – I’ve corrected that little error now 🙂

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