Number Plate Madness

I don’t even pretend to understand the reasoning here

In Utah you cannot have a number plate with the word MERLOT on it because that refers to alcohol and anyone who reads it might be corrupted.

However you can have a number plate that reads “Happiness is a Dead Child” because that’s a matter of free speech.

I could waste some effort typing a comment about strange people … but instead I think I’ll just go and have a glass of Merlot instead.

Number Plate Madness

2 thoughts on “Number Plate Madness

  1. Haha, what a joke,
    my number plates say “STOP ME”
    it was a good joke, but now that I have so few points on my license, they are going on sale – the cops took it too seriously.

  2. G’day Alborg

    That’s the sad thing about a lot of police these days – they’ve got no sense of humour and take everything literally 🙂

    Although working in the conditions they do and seeing what they see all too frequently I can understand why.

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