Ford’s New Falcon

You know, marketing is a strange beast; sometimes you don’t want people to see the product until the day you’re about to launch it and other times you want them to see it way in advance and sometimes you don’t want them to know that you want them see it well before the launch.

Confused? Don’t feel bad about it … just accept that and you’ll understand why photographs of the 2008 Ford Falcon, the car to take on the VE Commodore and hopefully help Ford recover some market share, were found on a rubbish tip in Melbourne.

Of course they just happened to be dropped in the rubbish at the Ford plant and end up on the tip, somebody who knows about cars and recognised it as the yet to be released Ford Falcon,just happened to find them and recognise them for what they were … yeah right!

Still, the 2008 Falcon – code-named Orion (would Phoenix have been more appropriate?) – is a great looking car.

Ford’s New Falcon
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