Holden and Ford Suck – It’s Official!

Holden and Ford have long been Australian icons and they have a very vocal following among motoring enthusiasts … but out in the real world they just plain suck … and it’s official … almost.

It seems that a consumer website here in Australia – ProductReview.com.au asked owners to rate their vehicles in a number of categories including comfort and reliability. The score was out of five and the results were not good for the homegrown product.

Ford could only manage ninth spot while Holden did even worse coming in at number 15. Subaru topped the poll, Mitsubishi came second and even Hyundai managed a fourth spot.

I’m afraid I’m not currently feeling all warm and fuzzy about Hyundai. We finally got a price on the melted part for our Grandeur that I mentioned way back here – it’s a bit that for some obscure reason has partially melted.

It’s only about the size of a matchbox but it’s going to be a very very expensive matchbox – the part alone costs $1000.00. Yep, that’s right, it’s not a typo – it really is going to cost one thousand dollars.

So right now, from my point of view – if Holden and Falcon suck then so does Hyundai.

Holden and Ford Suck – It’s Official!
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