Will Australian Cars Become Too High Tech?

High Tech Cars

In case you haven’t noticed the cars that are hitting our roads are becoming more and more high tech. Our 2000 Grandeur whirs, beeps and flashes at us from time to time. At the same time it adjusts the interior temperature by increasing fan speed or turning the air conditioning on and off and it also turns the demisters on and off too.

It has traction control, it monitors the air intake to the engine and it even allows me to steer it around corners but even that simple task is now being monitored in more recent models. The automatic box handles all the gear changes and even if I choose to use the Tiptronic option the car will still over-ride me from time to time.

These days manufacturers are releasing new models with an ever increasing array of high tech devices that make driving a totally different experience to what it was when I bought my first Mini back in 1968.

But is it becoming all too much for us? Are drivers ready for the high-tech onslaught will certainly make you think twice.

Will Australian Cars Become Too High Tech?
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