Chrysler to Cut Two Models in Australia

Earlier this month Chrysler in America announced that it would be stopping production of the Chrysler Crossfire and the PT Cruiser convertible. Of course by extension that means they’ll disappear from Australia too.

Chrysler Crossfire

The Crossfire was supposed to represent the “synergies” between Daimler and Chrysler for many Crossfire components were shared with the Mercedes SLK but apparently something was missing and sales were not quite what Chrysler was hoping for.

One sports car enthusiast that I spoke to had looked at a Crossfire with a view to buying one but the $80,000 price tage for a car that offered a rather strange driving position (her opinion) was enough to make her change her mind.

I guess the fact that the only PT Cruiser convertibles I ever saw were in the rental car parks at various airports may have something to do with why Chrysler is dropping that vehicle from its lineup too.

Chrysler to Cut Two Models in Australia
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