Night Driving in Australia

Over the last year or so I’ve bumped into a number of people from Europe who are amazed at how little lighting there is on our major country roads at night so today I thought I’d share a couple of photos I took yesterday as we headed north to Rockhampton.

We left well before dawn and took a back road from Hervey Bay across to the Bruce Highway at Torbanlea.

Night driving in Queensland

The light straight ahead is the full moon while the light slightly to the left is a reflective road sign. It’s a back road so you wouldn’t expect to see much lighting but the next picture was taken on the Bruce Highway – part of Australia’s Highway 1.

Highway driving at night in Australia

No lights but for the tail lights of the only other car on the road at that hour of the morning, one lane in each direction and plenty of road kill to be seen once the sun came up.


Night Driving in Australia
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