The Silver Lining for Australian New Car Buyers

Every cloud has a silver lining … at least for someone … and the current economic storm clouds certainly have some silver linings for any Australian new car buyer who has the cash or the credit to make a purchase right now. And things could get even better in the near future.

Right now Holden has their fuel offer, Ford has fleet price discounts for ordinary buyers, Mazda, Toyota and Hyundai have drive-away deals on some models, Mitsubishi has a cash-back offer on all its vehicles, Mercedes has an interest rate deal and Nissan is offering drive-away deals on all models plus fuel deals on some of the range.

And yes you did read that correctly … it might be hard to believe but even Toyota is struggling to move some vehicles.

But wait … things could get even better for new-car buyers. is reporting that holding yards along the east coast are packed full of new vehicles that importers have brought into the country and now can’t shift. If that’s the case then those offers are just going to get a whole lot sweeter.

The Silver Lining for Australian New Car Buyers
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