Kia’s New Luxury Car

It was simply known as the KND-5 concept car but that’s hardly a name to encourage you to think of “a design that will satisfy drivers’ desire for refinement, safety and emotional satisfaction by reating ideal driving conditions”.

I mean who thinks of a car when you see KND-5 … you could be excused for thinking that we were talking about a robot instead of Kia’s upcoming luxury motor vehicle. But then what robot comes with a heated steering wheel, powered extendable seat cushions and ventilated front seats?

And of course a car that comes with all those goodies is going to have to have something special in the way a name and so we have the Kia Cadenza.

Unfortunately we won’t see the Kia Cadenza in Australia for some time yet. It’s first overseas appearances will be at the Saudi Arabia,Kuwait and Dubai international motor shows in the next couple of months.

Till then we have the photo … and the video

Kia’s New Luxury Car
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