Chevy Volt Acceleration Described as ‘Mediocre’

voltMotoring writers from were given a brief opportunity to test-drive the new Chevy Volt … GMs all new hybrid vehicle that’s due out in Australia in 2011 and their impressions were mixed.

While suggesting that the engineers had provided a car that ticked most of the boxes they did describe the Chevy Volt’s acceleration as ‘mediocre’ and you wouldn’t spin the tyres unless you were on a wet or loose surface.

Of course if the Volt was to have sparkling acceleration it’s battery will drain quicker so obviously there have been some trade-offs here and, while spinning your tyres isn’t high on the list of priorities for most drivers, no one would want to buy a car like the Volt if a an unscalded cat could beat it away from the lights.

But it’s something that could be fixed by the time the Volt lands in Australia.

Chevy Volt Acceleration Described as ‘Mediocre’

One thought on “Chevy Volt Acceleration Described as ‘Mediocre’

  1. I saw the Volt this Saturday & it was impressive. Great finish & very appealing. I did not drive it but I did see it speed away at the end of the event & the pickup seemed just fine to me.

    I have driven GM’s fuel cell Equinox over 7000 miles which has a similar electric drive platform & the performance in that vehicle is amazing. Thing is the electrics the performance can be altered through software updates. So one day a car can be stayed & modest to drive & after a few tweeks on the laptop it can be a formula one racer.

    So don’t be fooled by the comments like mediocre acceration. All the old rules have changed!

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