Valiant VG 245 Pacer

vg-valiant-pacerSometimes you come across some classic cars parked in the most awkward places around this town and that’s where I found this 1970 Valiant VG Pacer 245. The VG was the second Valiant to feature those front blinkers that were so difficult to see.

Because of everything else around it I could only get these two photos but you can still see all the classic beauty in this Australian built car. This Pacer came with your choice of three different versions of the 245 engine.

The standard version had a dual barrel carbie that produced 138kW, a slightly more powerful version came with the same dual barrel carbie but also had a high-performance camshaft and that produced 145kW. Both options were coupled to a three-on-the-floor manual transmission

1970 Valiant VG Pacer

The Valiant Pacer in this photo was still in pretty good condition but there was some rust around the bottom edges of the driver’s door.

Valiant VG 245 Pacer
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