VW to buy Suzuki?

That’s the word coming out of Europe at the moment and it should be more than a rumour by the end of the year.

It seems that VW want Suzuki for their small and cheap vehicle technology while Suzuki want to sell because sales of their vehicles are dwindling … especially in the North American market.

Even though Suzuki is small it may prove a bit too big for VW to swallow because VW is a little short on cash at the moment and Suzuki is valued at around $10 billion.

If the sale does go ahead there will be an interesting flow-on effect for a number of other car makers who have Suzuki manufacturing small cars for them. Nissan, Fiat and Opel all have small cars on the market that are built by Suzuki but not marketed under the Suzuki brand.

VW to buy Suzuki?
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