First Electric smart Car Delivered

electric-fortwo-deliverySmart claims that their compact two-seater is the first emission-free vehicle in the world with state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery technology and an intelligent on-board charging management system.

This makes the smart fortwo electric drive the first environmentally and customer-friendly electric vehicle and the first smart was delivered to a customer today.

The very first drivers of the electric smart will be Rolf Bauer (artist and owner of a film dubbing studio) and Lutz Tamaschke (owner of a dental technology company). Both have sworn by the compact two-seater for years.

“I’ve always been a fan of smart and am proud to be able to set a new trend once again by driving the electric smart. Thanks to the smart fortwo electric drive, I can make my own contribution to preserving the environment,” commented Rolf Bauer.

With the smart fortwo electric drive, these two gentlemen now own a vehicle that is perfectly suited to urban mobility and offers driving pleasure, while being locally emission-free at the same time.

“I allow myself and my car a rest for the night, so that we can both recharge our batteries. After a few hours sleep, we’re both good to go,” says Lutz Tamaschke enthusiastically.

The first two vehicles were handed over today in Berlin by Dr. Thomas Weber, member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, responsible for Group Research and Mercedes-Benz Cars Development, and Harald Schuff, Executive Vice President Mercedes-Benz Sales and Marketing Organization.

“Environmental compatibility and latest functionalities have been defining features of the smart fortwo ever since it was launched more than ten years ago,” said Dr. Thomas Weber.

“Since then, its innovative concept has combined pioneering technology with individual, urban mobility. The smart fortwo electric drive is just as convincing as its siblings with conventional drive when it comes to suitability for everyday use, safety and driving pleasure.

“In terms of environmental compatibility it sets a new benchmark with its emission-free electric drive. In addition, with just 12 kwH consumption and its purely electric drive system, it is the most economical and environmentally-friendly way of driving,” concluded Weber.

The electric smart will be delivered to selected fleet, business and private customers around the world as part of various “e-mobility” projects. These customers will receive a complete service package for their vehicles thanks to a so-called “full-service rental model”.

“Beside state-of-the-art vehicle technology, we also want to provide our customers the best service possible – for us, this is an integral part of the concept of groundbreaking mobility,” commented Harald Schuff.

Key objective of these projects is to evaluate customer behaviour and specific support services. In addition to Germany, the electric smart will also be made available to customers in Italy, Spain, England, France, Switzerland, as well as the USA and Canada.


The concept
smart sayd that the intelligent two-seater combines sustainable, forward-looking technologies with individual, urban mobility. Its unique design has led it to quickly become an automotive lifestyle icon, which today is quite at home on the streets of trendsetting cities.

And the new smart fortwo electric drive is still a smart fortwo without any compromises in terms of safety, comfort and space.

A 30 kW electric motor operates in the rear of the smart fortwo electric drive, which ensures good acceleration as soon as the car is started thanks to 120 Nm of torque. When fully charged, the highly-efficient lithium-ion battery guarantees a range of 135 kilometres thanks to its 16.5 kwH capacity – more than enough for city traffic.

In order to charge the battery when required, the smart can either be hooked up to a public charging station, a wall-mounted box in the garage or simply to any standard household socket.

Intelligent charging management
The smart fortwo electric drive is equipped with an intelligent charging management system. The on-board electronics allow for the permanent exchange of information with the grid. As such, electricity billing, for example, can be arranged in a very convenient, simple and secure way.

As the heating and air-conditioning of the vehicle are also controlled by the power electronics unit, drivers of the smart fortwo electric drive can pre-air-condition their car as soon as the vehicle is connected to the grid supply – no other car offers this convenient option of pre-heating the car in winter and pre-cooling it in summer.

The electronics of the vehicle also form the basis for future applications, such as active management of the charging process. As the electronics can retrieve the maximum available charging capacity as well as the corresponding electricity costs when the vehicle is hooked up, it can calculate in which period of time recharging would be the most cost-effective. If the electric smart is parked for a longer time, charging can be carried out at times with lower electricity network load, for example.

On-board economy as standard
Depending on the respective electricity contract partner, operating costs for the smart fortwo ed amount to around €2 to €3 for every 100 kilometres driven.

In addition, more and more governments and city authorities around the world are introducing regulations to promote emission-free driving and are setting up low-emission zones, which will also lead to cost benefits.

First Electric smart Car Delivered
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