The Chevy Beat

Beat_sideIt’s small, it’s powered by a four-cylinder 1199cc DOHC petrol motor that returns around 5.4L/100km and it’s made in India but General Motors are planning on releasing it into 150 other markets so it’s possible that the Chevy Beat is going to make it to Australia.

Gm claims that the Beat is going to be gentle on the environment too thanks to what they call a Port De-Activation system that ensures high exhaust gas recirculation that results in combustion stability at low speeds. That sounds impressive but no emission figures have yet been released for the Chevrolet Beat.

In India the Beat will come with quite a reasonable level of standard equipment but safety features that we might consider as standard … such as ABS and dual airbags will only be available on the LT variant.

While photos of the Chevy Beat’s interior are yet to be released General Motors, India, have announced that the Beat will feature an unusual setup for the instrumetn cluster. Instead of being mounted on/in the dashboard the instruments will be mounted on the steering column in a way that’s similar to what you would see on a motor cycle.

It seems that the Chevy Beat will only be available with a five-speed manual transmission but GM do intend to sell the Beat in the American market so it’s likely that there’s an automatic transmission on the way.

Pricing … even in India … is yet to be announced.

The Chevy Beat
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