The Lampo2

The Lampo2 is an electric sports car prototype by Protoscar … note that they don’t call it a ‘concept’.

The Lampo2 prototype will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show on March 2 but Protoscar has already released images and video of this unusual looking car. From some angles it reminds me of a vacuum cleaner that was popular here in Australia some years ago while from other angles it certainly does look exciting.

Technically speaking the Lampo2 is equipped with two electric motors so that it can be operated in an all-wheel drive mode with variable torque between front and rear axles.

The Lampo2 has a range of around 198km and comes with four different charging modes so that it can be charged from a standard home fitting overnight; a single-phase on-board charger for public charging points; a three-phase on-board charger for charging at typical industrial charge points and a special DC fast charger that will give the car an additional 100km after just 10 minutes charging.

Acceleration is not bad either – it only takes 5 seconds from start to 100km/h and it has a top speed of 200km/h. That’s a heck of lot faster than my old vacuum cleaner.

While AussieMotoring had no photos available of the Lampo2 we can show you this walk-around courtesy of YouTube

The Lampo2
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