Top Gear and Channel 9

Now correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Channel 9 say that they would not cut any bits out of the Top Gear episodes just so they could squeeze them into 52 minutes and have time left for crappy ads?

Well here I sit watching only the second episode of Top Gear on Channel 9 and they obviously just cut the news segment out of Top Gear.

Gee thanks Channel 9 … I guess we really didn’t expect that you’d keep your word … but you might have at least waited till the third episode.

Top Gear and Channel 9

3 thoughts on “Top Gear and Channel 9

  1. BBC worldwide issues an edited version of Top Gear to be shown overseas. Unfortunatley there is nothing Ch9 (or SBS) could do about that. Even when shown on BBC on foxtel, the program is edited.

    (gee I can’t believe I actually stood up for Ch9)

    It was nice of Ch9 to show ep4 of series 14, instead of ep2 which would have been next in the sequence.

    (ah, thats better. Ch9 are crap. Order is restored)

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