The New Mazda BT-50

mazda-bt50Mazda is set to release their all-new BT-50 ute on Friday October 15 at the 2010 Australian International Motor Show in Sydney.

The Mazda BT-50 Ute is being promoted as an “active lifestyle vehicle” so you won’t be seeing any fencing contractors or farmers in the ads for this vehicle. In fact from the press release announcing the debut of the new BT-50 it seems that Mazda is trying to move their ute into a whole new market.

The new model was developed from the ground up as a brand new type of vehicle. As well as strength and dependability, the All-New BT-50 presents universally recognizable beauty and provides the perfect solution for a wide range of customers who lead active lifestyles, including families, workers and pleasure-seekers. The exterior design features crisp lines that owners will look on with pride; an imposing presence that indicates reliability; sculptured beauty like an athlete’s finely muscled body; and sporty and dynamic forms.

By balancing all these elements, the athletic and individual design gives the All-New BT-50 an overwhelming presence that will turn heads and make it instantly recognizable.

Mazda seems to believe that the styling of the All-New Mazda BT-50 increases anticipation of the driving pleasure to come and represents a new direction in the utility market.

Well you have to agree … if the artist’s impression is anything to go by the new Mazda BT-50 Ute is definitely going to look a lot different to the old BT-50

The New Mazda BT-50

6 thoughts on “The New Mazda BT-50

  1. If this artists rendition is even close to the actual appearance of the machine I would consider trading my 2009 SSV commodore ute in on one, king cab, not four door of course. I never thought I would ever consider buying a car from a ‘light bulb’ company.

  2. Steve I know what you mean about the “light bulb company” but over the years I’ve owned 4 different Mazdas and they’ve all been quite good. Unfortunately artist’s impressions sometimes leave me wondering what the “artist” was on when they drew their impression so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    However I have seen a photo of the cab of the new BT50 and it certainly looks as though Mazda wants to make it more appealing than just a basic tradie’s ute


  3. Just looking on the Mazda website – the exterior looks like those Korean thingys. The rear end in particular is a bit “fussy”.
    Interior certainly looks an improvement over our old Bravo and BT50.

  4. G’day Malcolm

    I’ve been looking at those photos of the new BT-50 and wondering where I had seen it before and I think you may be right … it does look a bit like one of those “Korean thingies” 🙂

    I’m not sure whether “fussy” is the way I’d describe the tailgate but they’ve certainly added to the cost of repairs by letting the taillight assembly flow across onto it.

    While I don’t have any figures to go on it wouldn’t suprise me if the tailgate on a ute wasn’t one of the most frequently damaged body panels.


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