VW Golf BlueMotion Comes to Australia

2011-Golf-BlueMotionVW is bringing their BlueMotion technology to Australia in 2011 in the form of the new Golf BlueMotion.

VW has already set an amazing record for the longest distance traveled on just one tank of petrol in a stock-standard VW Passat BlueMotion and you read about that here.

While the ordinary driver is never going to be able to achieve the sort of fuel consumption figures that were achieved in the Passat BlueMotion this technology certainly does give everyone who buys the BlueMotion technology the chance to achieve some great fuel economy.

VW is suggesting that the Golf BlueMotion will return a combined fuel consumption figure of just 3.8L/100km giving the Golf … with a 55 litre fuel tank … a possible range of over 1500 kilometres. And if you didn’t notice those are fuel consumption figures that are better than a Prius and the Golf BlueMotion is a convential drive vehicle … not a hybrid.


At the heart of the BlueMotion technology is a 1.6-litre four-cylinder diesel engine that comes with modified engine management software and reduced idling speed. A gearshift indicator in the instrument cluster advises the dirver on the most energy-efficient gear for the driving conditions and a Stop-Start system shuts down the engine when the car is stopped at traffic lights.


Other features of the BlueMotion system include regenerative braking, low resistance tyres, light-weight and aerodynamic wheels and a lowered suspension.


When it comes to safety the Golf BlueMotion variants will share the same safety features which are fitted to all Golf models. These include standard ABS, ESP (Electronic Stabilization Program), Hill Start Assist, a highly effective network of seven airbags including front side and side curtain airbags (head airbag system for front and rear passengers) and a knee airbag; belt tensioners and belt force limiters plus seatbelt warning indicator and head restraints that counteract the risk of whiplash injury (both front seats); along with three rear head restraints with three point seatbelts for all passengers.


Pricing and other details will be available closer to the release date in 2011 but you will be able to see a VW Golf BlueMotion on display at the Sydney Motor Show.


VW Golf BlueMotion Comes to Australia

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