Holden Colorado LPG

lpg-holden-coloradoThe Holden Colorado now comes with dual-fuel capability

Holden has announced that the Colorado 4×2 Single Cab Chassis and Crew Cab pickup models (both LX and LT-R) are now available with Holden’s Australian-built, dual-fuel LPG Alloytec V6 engine

Colorado’s dual-fuel system, which complies with the stringent Euro 4 emissions standards, delivers 155kW of peak power, 300Nm of peak torque and a two and a half tonne towing capacity.

It employs Sequential Vapour Gas Injection (SVGI) technology, which injects gas directly into the engine’s intake manifold, mimicking the petrol injection sequence.

The 4×2 Cab Chassis comes fitted with a 56-litre cylindrical LPG tank located between the chassis rails while the Crew Cab models use a 76-litre toroidal tank located in the spare wheel casing. On all variants, the existing petrol tanks are unchanged.

When running on LPG the models achieve fuel economy of 16.7 litres per 100 kilometres (manual) and 17.2 litres per 100 kilometres (automatic).

Both models can be fitted with a default LPG switch that sounds a warning tone when the LPG tank is empty and the vehicle is running on petrol.

Holden’s dual-fuel LPG system is available as a $3,850 RRP (excl GST) vehicle option and is covered by a three year / 100,000 kilometre warranty.

A Government Rebate of $2000 on LPG Vehicles is available for eligible private vehicle purchasers. An additional rebate of $1000 may be available for vehicles registered in Western Australia.

For eligibility, refer to the Federal Government’s LPG Vehicle Scheme at www.ausindustry.gov.au.

Holden Colorado LPG
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