2011 Ford Territory SZ SUV

ford-sz-territoryThe new Ford Territory SUV … designed and built right here in Australia … was unveiled last week and it’s certainly no truck but that’s not to say that it’s perfect. It sure looks good and has some great features but some features might make you wonder.

As far as looks are concerned Chris Svensson, Design Director for Ford Asia Pacific sums the design of the new Ford Territory fairly well:

“We worked hard to ensure the new Territory was an evolution of the original model and, through the use of Ford’s distinct design DNA, also gave a hint of the future,” Svensson said.

“To achieve this we applied Ford’s unique style philosophy: kinetic design.


“Kinetic design comprises several specific elements, all of which are present in the new Territory. They are confident stance, dynamic lines, expressive form language, taut surfacing, bold graphics and great detailing.

“When you combine them they convey movement and athleticism. In other words, the vehicle looks like it is moving when standing still,” Svensson said.

“The overall visual effect of kinetic design is simple: in the case of the new Territory it communicates its dynamic capabilities and fun-to-drive spirit.”


At the front, the new Ford Territory uses an all-new tri-plane front-end architecture. The shape of the main grille is one of the new Territory’s most noticeable updates. This larger, lower grille in a unique three-bar design connects with the slim-line treatment given to the upper grille opening, a feature which sees the famous Ford roundel now surrounded by its own elegant winged structure
New slim-line headlights with projector beam technology are another stand-out feature of the new Territory’s frontal styling. The top-of-the-range Titanium variant takes this a step further with the introduction of LED (Light-Emitting Diode) position lamps integrated into its redesigned front bumper. At the bottom of Territory’s new face is a U-formed lower chin skid plate.

The new Ford Territory also features a sculpted new bonnet and subtle flutes for the front guards. Bold wheel lips emphasise what Ford calls: “its athletic stance”.

A new C-pillar design smoothes the transition from front to rear while resurfaced door cladding and a lower rocker moulding combine to give Territory a lower and more “athletic stance”.

At the rear the new Ford Territory has sleek horizontal tail lights that wrap around the rear of the vehicle that create a seamless visual link to the rear of the vehicle. Connecting them is a new rear lift-gate appliqué and a redesigned bumper and new lower-level valence panel finish of the exterior’s redesign.

To further enhance the new look of the exterior Ford offers a range of locally designed wheels for the new Ford Territory. These will be available in diameters of 17 and 18 inches in model-specific designs.


Ford have completely redesigned the instrument panel that features a large touch screen display. The steering wheel is also new and frankly it looks as though the designers had an in-house competition to see how many controls they could add to the steering wheel.


By my count there are eight different buttons on the Titanium SZ steering wheel and two flappy paddles hiding behind those. In a world where less is more and simplicity is important eight different buttons on the steering wheel seems a little odd to me. Trying to find the right button in heavy traffic … or at high speed … might lead to some interesting situations.


The new Ford Territory now comes with what Ford has called the “Interior Command Centre” that provides front-seat occupants with simple-to-use controls for functions such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning. At the bottom of this new “Interior Command Centre” is an all-new storage area. This stylish and functional feature uses a smooth-action tambour door which adds to the interior’s equally smooth style.

And that’s all I can tell you about the new Ford Territory SZ because that’s all Ford has revealed so far … although there is a hint on the Ford website that the new Ford Territory will have a diesel engine as an option.


**All images are of the Ford Territory SZ Titanium variant

2011 Ford Territory SZ SUV

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  1. Stuart in a world were less is more should be where less is more.Picky, but no excuse.

  2. i was just wondering my parents just got one of these new territory diesel turbo
    do they sell like rear bumper guards
    i just noticed a tiny chip on my parents bar
    and would it not to get more

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